Restaurant Marketing: Why Having A Customer Database Adds Value To Your Restaurant?

Why Building A Customer Information Database?

restaurant marketing- why building customer database

Owning and maintaining a customer information database is essential for food business growth, as it does not only help your business survive in bad times but also maximise revenue during good times.

What is a Customer Information Database?


It is a database that provides information access to your diners, which can be used to build loyalty, and hence encourages revisiting.


What Is The Value Of Having A Customer Information Database?

restaurant marketing- customer database is your asset

A Customer Information Database is not just a spreadsheet/table of data full of customer information, it is

  • The Most Valuable Asset of your restaurant, eatery and food business.
  • A valuable mean to invite your customers to come back and dine again
  • The primary communication ‘bridge’ between you and your customers.



Maintaining a good quality customer database can provide customer insight and hence identify its value to your business.


With up-to-date customer information and data, you can generate a List of Marketing Targets. It does not only SAVE you precious Time & Money, but also helps to customise your marketing strategies toward various customers. Hence, maximising your marketing effectiveness while keeping cost at minimum.


Challenges of Customer Database Marketing

restaurant marketing- time

1.     Process Loads of Data Everyday

Food Businesses need to process thousands of customer data everyday, so that decision makers, owners and managers, can access up-to-date information anytime at will.


2.     Extract Valuable Information From Raw Data

Data itself does not contain any meaningful information, but the ability to extract useful and valuable information from the data is essential to run a successful food business. Food Business owners, managers or appointed staff might require training to interpret data into useful information.


For example, it can help categorise your customers into groups and find the best marketing strategy for each group of customers. Hence maximise marketing effectiveness while keeping cost low.


3.    Cost

Customer Database marketing is relatively more expensive than other marketing strategy per customer basis. It requires higher personalisation and hence require more time in customer data analysis.


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