5 Food Marketing Ideas In Brisbane

Capture Food Craving Moments In Brisbane

Food Business Marketing- Capture the craving moment

Hey! Did you know that based on our study, 80% of Diners in Brisbane are actually researching dining information online? So, if you DON’T HAVE an online marketing plan, strategy or campaign in place or ANY online presence at all, then you are missing out on A LOT of sales opportunities!


Worry not! We have gathered for YOU: 5 Food Marketing Ideas and strategies that would boost your restaurant/ eateries or food business and Capture The Craving & Hunger Moments of Brisbane in this Digital Age!


FIVE Food Marketing Ideas

1. Attractive Food Photos!

attractive food photo

Your Food is the most unique and valuable asset of your business. We strongly believe in “Promote Your Food, Promote Your Business”.


In this digital age, visual contents are always in high demand. Attractive food photos on your website or social media pages will definitely help you capture the attention of food enthusiasts.


2. Have An Online Menu!

restaurant online menu

Online Menu is one of the essential component of a successful online marketing campaign. By human nature, we tend to make “SAFE CHOICES”.


In other words, consumers prefer to check out your menu before making a decision to visit your restaurant. To some others, an online menu is a MUST! Without it, they wouldn’t even consider visiting your restaurant/ eatery/ café.


Therefore, keeping your menu and details updated is really important for food business marketing online!


3. Promotional Offers!


Everybody loves a good promotion! As it indicates there is something NEW or SPECIAL happening right now in your restaurant, eatery or cafe, but is only available for a short period of time. These promotional offer includes, but are not limited to: Discount Coupons, Deals, Seasonal Specials and New Dishes On The Menu.


Courtesy of technology boom, tracking ability is an important component to successfully run a marketing campaign. With measurable or trackable promotional campaigns, it allows you to identify and allocate more resources towards the most effective campaigns and strategies, while saving valuable time and money from the less effective ones.


Shifting your investment from a LOWER to HIGHER payout asset ” will help maximize your rate of return.


4. Social Media Interaction!


social media interaction

Social Media is the most trendy marketing strategy in this digital age. If you want to grow your business awareness, it is a mandatory marketing strategy. With the right social marketing strategy in place, you can dramatically increase your business awarenessbuild your customer database, and hence, generate more sales.


The greatest way to grow your business awareness through social media is to get post engagements, Share, Likes, Comments. Hence, more people can see your posts and know of your business existence. Sharing an awesome looking dish on social media can help you get more attentions.


However, having negative reviews is almost inevitable. Dealing with negative reviews is the BIGGEST challenge on social media marketing for food businesses.


5. Show Off Your Achievements!

Showcasing your Recent awards, achievements or public press on your website and social media. It does not only enhance your business awareness, but also encourage new diners to visit your restaurant.


Contact Us and find out how we can help you imply these food marketing ideas, “Capture the Food Craving Moments in Brisbane” and “Grow Your Business Efficiently”. Or visit our homepage for more information.