5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Help Your Restaurant Survive In Brisbane

restaurant marketing ideas- quiet time

Did you know that the restaurant industry in Brisbane has been overwhelmed since 2015 or possibly even earlier?

Well established restaurants have been closing down one after another, whilst new venues continue to pop up on the map.


There are just simply too many eateries in Brisbane right now. Along with the boom of Food Delivery Apps, the restaurant industry has become more competitive each day. So, How To stand out from your competitors in this highly competitive market?


No worries, We have gathered 5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas that can help you survive in this difficult time, and simultaneously grow your business in this Digital Age!


FIVE Restaurant Marketing Ideas

1. Build & Maintain Customer Database

restaurant marketing ideas- customer database

Building and maintaining a customer database is essential for business growth, as it does not only help your business survive in bad times but also maximise revenue during good times.


With an up-to-date customer database, you can then easily generate Target List for any of your marketing campaigns. Hence, helping you save precious time and loads of money.


2. Remarketing

restaurant marketing ideas- remarketing

It is always easier to invite satisfied customers to revisit your venue than finding new diners.


Remarketing or retargeting is the Best restaurant marketing strategy to stay connected with your customers and reconnect with your long lost customers. So, keep your customers posted with your new dishes, seasonal specials or promotional offers to enhance your customers revisiting opportunities.

Along with a well maintained customer database, it will increase your revenue incrementally.


3. Recommendation

restaurant marketing ideas- recommendation

Recommendation is KEY! Our study shows that 97% of diners in Brisbane love to be given recommendations at their First Visit. If your servers can provide diners with some kind of recommendation, it would be a “BIG TICK” for your business. This is also your GOLDEN opportunity to impress them with your BEST food and attract them to be your LOYAL customers.


4. Always Ask For Customer Feedbacks

restaurant marketing ideas- always ask for customer feedback

Warning! Always ask for customer feedbacks at the Checkout. It is your last opportunity to rectify any customer concerns with regards to their suboptimal dining experience and leave a bad review on social media.


Diners are usually less vocal about their dining experience. If they didn’t enjoy their dining experience at your restaurant, they would not tell you, they will just never return. Then, You would have lost these customers indefinitely.


5. Control Your Responses On Bad Reviews

restaurant marketing ideas- control your response

Bad Review is the nightmare of all businesses. Unfortunately, due to the rapid growth of social media, having bad reviews is almost inevitable. While you can’t prevent bad reviews from popping up on social media, you can however control your responses to these reviews.

“Posting a bad response is much worse than having a bad review”


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