Restaurant Marketing- Why Developing A Unique Selling Point Can Help Your Restaurant Survive In Brisbane

What Is A Unique Selling Point?

restaurant marketing solution- unique selling point

A unique selling point or unique selling proposition (USP) is the element that differentiates your business from your competitors. A successful business’s USP does not only offer unique and attractive benefits to their customers, but it is also compelling enough to grow or maintain their current marketshare.

Your Food Is Your Unique Selling Point

To develop a unique selling point, you need to find your own unique feature. Every restaurant should have at least one unique feature, The Food. It can defined as the most common but yet most distinguished feature of a restaurant. In general, it is very difficult to replicate a dish without knowing its recipe. Even within the same franchise, the taste may vary between branches. Hence, it is almost impossible to find food with the exact same taste in two different places.


In addition, a lot of small restaurants, eateries or food businesses would have their own recipes or added couple of twists to the original recipe. They believe that their Secret Recipe or Twists are the elements that would make their businesses Stand Out from the crowd of competitors.


Amplify Craving Emotions With Your Food

restaurant marketing solution- Amplify audience's emotion towards your restaurant

A good USP needs to trigger audience’s emotion towards the benefit offered by the unique feature.


What makes a person go to a restaurant? Hunger? Craving for a particular food? To enjoy something nice with family and friends? It is predominantly about food, but to some extent also about their emotions!


An attractive food photo does not only showcase your food to your audiences, but also amplifies their food craving emotions towards your food.


“Promote Your Food, Promote Your Restaurant”


Deliver A Simple And Concise Message To Your Audience

restaurant marketing solution- be different and creative

At Last, create a short phrase to deliver a clear and concise message to introduce your unique feature and its benefit to your target audience.


For example, “Best Steak in Town” is the typical USP of a steakhouse. It delivers a clear message to all steak lovers out there that they have the best steak. However, there are too many steakhouses who have claimed themselves as “Best Steak in Town”. Therefore, try not to be the best, but instead be Different and Creative.


Simply ask yourself, what is your best steak? In my opinion, it has to be meaty, juicy and tender with sufficient amount of rendering fat. The message can be “The most tender and juicy steak in Town” or “A Tender Loving Steak”. Although we didn’t specify that our steakhouse is the best in town, we did delivered a clear message that our steak is juicy and tender. Since these are the main elements of the best steak, we are still advocating to our audience that we have the best steak but with different words.


In this particular moment, it does not only trigger the imagination of a tender and juicy steak, but also magnifies their craving towards a tender and juicy steak.


What is your best message for your food or restaurant? Share with us below.

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