Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

How can we help your friends to grow their food businesses?

Offer a new & unique sales channel to showcase their food and find diners who love their food, hence enhance probability of diner revisiting.

Offer a time & cost effective online marketing solution that builds customer network and simultaneously adds value to their food businesses.

Enhance Diner Experience @ their restaurant/eatery by providing Chief and Social Recommendations.


Your Monthly Cash Reward

Your Monthly Cash Reward is calculated as follow,

  1. 5 CEO Pool points will be rewarded for each referred eatery that is successfully signed up with Shopper CEO.
  2. 5% of our Voucher Download campaign, net revenue within Brisbane area will be contributed to the CEO Pool of Brisbane every month. Net monthly revenue shall exclude GST & other taxes and payments not honored by financial institutions and clients.
  3. Your monthly reward will be calculated as the following,


Your CEO Pool Points = CEO points in your account.

Total CEO Pool Points= Total points in the CEO Pool.

CEO Pool Fund= 5% of our Voucher Download campaign net monthly revenue within Brisbane area as stated in item 2 above.  


How Does Our ‘Refer A Friend’ Program Work?